Taking our punishment! 

On our walk around Eyam village we stopped off at the stocks. What do you think mums and dads, shall we leave them here?    

14 thoughts on “Taking our punishment! 

  1. The more I see of the stocks the more I think we should have some in school. 😄
    I heard a rumour that it had been snowing but I think Mrs Kirby was kidding. Enjoy your tea and have a lovely evening.
    Mrs Forshaw


  2. Hi Misba, it looks like you’re having a fantastic time! Me and Alesha are missing you so much and its extremely quite at home. Love Mum and sister Alesha xxxxxxxx


  3. It looks like you’re having fun Bobbie. I hope you weren’t left in the for stocks too long!!! I love you sweetie, have sweet dreams. Catch up tomorrow xxxx


  4. Finally Mr Griffiths kept in order! Only joking! Thank you Mr Griffiths for supporting is in our endeavours! Come rain, snow or shone we keep smiling! And learning! X


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