The Alphabet game!

This evening we have set the children a challenge. Their challenge is to think of a country beginning with each letter of the alphabet. How many countries can you name beginning with each letter of the alphabet?  


5 thoughts on “The Alphabet game!

  1. Looks like u had a fab two days so far ☺ I’ve been busy all tea time sorting a surprise out for u cos missed you that much. Hope you been good and Mrs kirby miss cooper and Mrs Turner are all ok amd having fun too . See you tomorrow everyone xx


  2. Hi Katie just wanted to say goodnight and sweet dreams. You are coming home tomorrow and we can’t wait to see you. Heidi is much better now, I am just getting them ready for bed but wanted to make sure I got this last message to you before you settle down to sleep. With lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses from Mum, Dad, Megan and Heidi x x x


  3. Hi Isabelle, looks like you’re having a great time and that you managed to keep dry today. Grandma says she’s thought of 19 countries in the alphabet game, how did you do? Have a lovely second nights sleep and a safe journey home. Love and miss you loads. Mum, Dad and Elizabeth xxx


  4. Hello Ruby Joshua just getting ready for bed hope u have a nice sleep tonight can’t wait to see you tomorrow we have missed you lots of love mummy daddy and Joshua xxxx


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