10 thoughts on “Breakfast time

  1. Mornin Ke have a nice day Tyler n momma send there luv me n Tyler r off shopping for her birthday luv u my daring luv mum n dad xxx


  2. Good morning oj well what a night we had lousha fell asleep at 8 and woke up at 11 shouting oooooo winnnn…. lol didn’t go to sleep til 3 thos morning the little devil 😂 coco nice doggy slept in your room on ya bed. We all missing you. Your breakfasts looks yummy any chance saving me some. Have a lovely day and see you tomorrow ❤❤
    Mummy daddy foooogle and coco xxxxxx


  3. Morning Jaden, hope you didn’t wake all your friends up at 6 o’clock this morning like you have everyone up at home. Mmm Your favourite breakfast! Have a good day. Love you mum xx


  4. Morning Ruby hope u had a good night sleep. Joshua at school now daddy gone to work has well. So mummy going to get some stuff seen to. Hope u have a lovely day love mummy daddy and Joshua xxx


  5. Good morning Idrees. Hope you had a good nights sleep. The breakfast looks lovely. Hope you have a lovely day today. I am loving being able to see what you are doing through the day. Love you lots!!! Xxxxxx


  6. Hi Alesha why are you trying to hide away from the camera its not like you. You all look like you are having a great time, enjoying all the photos cant wait to see some more later on. Love Mum, Grandma and all the gang xxx


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