8 thoughts on “What do you think..? 

  1. Hi Katie its Dad I’ve just got in from work and looking at your photos I hope you are having a good time its been pretty rainy here too this afternoon…Hi Katie! its Megan and Heidi we are playing play doh hairdressers – we are missing you a bit so far and I’m (Megan) having your bedroom tonight ha ha ha!! x x x x


  2. Hi Katie its Dad, the picture over the Eyam church door is a Vertical Sundial and what it does is tell the time between 6am and 6pm in the Northern Hemisphere (top half of the world).


  3. Hi sorry me and Albey have just got soaked walking from school. Hope your having a nice time . It’s quiet at home without you . Love you lots mum, dad , Blake , Albey and Kennedy . Xx


  4. Looks like u have had a great time so far, have fun Evie, I’m enjoying the use of your laptop and your not here to tell me off, lots of love and a big kiss from Jessica x


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