Showered and ready for dinner

After a hectic day in Eyam, we are more than ready for our dinner! We have certainly worked up an appetite! We can’t wait to see what delicious food is in store!  


14 thoughts on “Showered and ready for dinner

  1. It looks as though you have had a very busy day. Everyone looks very cosy in their pyjamas. I hope you all enjoy your tea. Xxx
    Rachael (Idrees’s mum)


  2. Sat looking at your photos Isabelle and it looks like you’re having lots of fun. We all love looking at the photos of you. We’ve all had our tea, hope you enjoy yours. Xxx


  3. It looks like you’re all having a great time. We’re loving all the photos to see what you’re up to. We’ve just eaten up all our tea, hope you enjoy yours. Love The Thompsons and Grandma and Grandpa. Xxxx


  4. Ke luv u loads been writing on the blog all day hope u have received them but now it’s not letting me post one so I’m on dads phone shown yr dad all the photos n he says he’s missing u like mad all ready luv u mum n dad xxxxx


  5. Hi Alesha I bet you ate up all your tea after your hectic day. Just to let you know Grandma is ok after her appointment at the hospital. Love all the gang xxxxxx


  6. Looks like you are having a great time Evie, hope you enjoyed your tea and you ate it all up. Mum is having a great time on your LaptopI will tell her off for you, Love from us all XXX


  7. Looks as though youre enjoying yourself Jaden, have a good nights sleep ready for tomorrow.
    Love you
    Mum, Dad and Brittany xxx


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